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Dr. Rachel Daniel brings a sparkling combination of abilities to her interactions with organizations, classrooms, and individuals: intellect, emotional intelligence, and refinement. She recognizes and affirms the humanity in any space as equally as she does the collective mission or the personal goal. In other words, Dr. Daniel comes capable of organizing ideas and motivating people. She grasps the effectiveness of seeking solution-oriented practices that uplift and reinforce everyone. 

Dr. M. Nzadi Keita, Professor of English & Creative Writing

Ursinus College


Dr. Rachel Jessica Daniel’s ability to bring forth the necessary conversations about racial equity to the forefront is admirable. I watched her bring stakeholders to the table who were new to racial equity work, and inspire their commitment to close equity gaps. Her ability to lead others is evident in the many colleagues she mentors to also lead.


Jennifer Ortiz, Professor of English, West Los Angeles Community College

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